Am I overreacting? Boyfriend falls asleep when we hang out? ?

We see each other fri and sat afternoons after his work (6pm to 6am sun night-fri morn). He always says were going to do something but then takes me to his house instead and falls asleep from the time we get there (~1pm) until the time i have to be home (~10pm). I feel alone as im just at his house with his family for nine hrs when im there to see him. And if hes up hes playing video games. Im not a homebody i want to go out, especially when he promises hes gonna take us somewhere like he has promised to take me apple picking for the past month but always "forgets about it" like i do realize he works night shifts and has bad knees/shoulders, but its like if youre just gonna sleep dont bother picking me up. Im getting to the point where im just gonna tell him call me when you actually want to do something besides sleep other than that dont bother driving out an hour to pick me up and drop me off for me to basically have alone time like i do every other day of the week... i just feel like he doesnt appericate the time we have together and whenever i bring it up he gets pissy and accuses me of not caring about him. Its just like dude, why am i here if im just gonna be alone? Im there to see him not his parents... for example im so close to his mom in the short five months weve been dating to the point where im going to be her maid of honor in her wedding next week and my boyfriend's not even going 'cause he got into a fight with his soon to be step father...

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I don’t think you’re necessarily over reacting but this is something you have to accept. If he’s working from 6pm to 6am it’s inevitable that’s he’s going to sleep during the day. Encourage him to find a new job with a better schedule or figure out a date night or times that you guys can spend together where he wouldn’t be so tired. Spending quality time in a relationship is important but if his work consumes him I’m not sure how it will work.

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