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A very pretty girl is alone in High school and nobody ever fell in live with her.She is a great student and boys feel threatened by her.?

Do boys ignore pretty girls who are great students?

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    Based on my reading of this question, it would benefit the "very pretty girl" to immerse herself in her studies.

    Not only will she learn useful things, it will also distract her from unimportant things like high school "romance."

  • Dimple
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    1 month ago

    if you ask me a question about science.. then i can help you.. if you ask me about stupid teenage things that makes no difference to the world, I'm going to slap reality in your face.

    My dear... high school lasts 4 years. 4 measly years. undergrad lasts another 4 years.

    There will be 40+ years of old life. Where you will be concerned with.. Money and Respect. Your Significant other in your older life will matter more than a high school fling. Because that's when you test each others patience and trust... especially around money.

    Childrne will be another one of your concerns.

    So my advice to you is... who gives a ratsass about high school flings.. Enjoy your teenage life without real responsibility.

  • 1 month ago

    life happens....things will change someday...dont worry...u can flirt with someone u like if u wish..

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