I’m gonna kill myself in front of my ex?

She cheated on me with a woman and says she wants me alive but I can’t stop thinking of getting cheated on, I was paying her bills for her and she also refuses to give details and not know is driving me insane. All men are trash though, right?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Look, I’m a guy and let me tell you something. I’ve been in your shoes before, I’ve been cheated on and I was also broke at the time.

    NOW, I’m financially successful, own my own painting/remodeling business, make $200,000+ a year, have a wife who’s completely faithful and contributes in the household, etc.

    When I was cheated, it was actually much worse than yours- someone beat me up at a party with 2 other guys and then she cheated with that guy, WHILE I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL THAT NIGHT FROM GETTING BADLY BEATEN! I called her and she’s cheating like a wh*ore.

    Let me tell you what I learned, and how I got successful. Here’s the steps I had to take:

    1) I had to learn that I can’t change other people. Sl*uts will be sl*uts. Gangsters will be gangsters. Some people are trouble and should be avoided. Avoid people who drink, do drugs, etc.

    2) I got completely sober.

    3) I became a workaholic, started/grew my business, and also hit the gym 3x a week. Improved my life fundamentals.

    Source(s): 4) I cut off a TON of dead weight from my life. Fake and bad friends, losers, drug users, etc. I was now “above” them. 5) I started focusing on dating girls who were classy. Trashy girls I avoided like the plague. I wouldn’t give girls second dates if they didn’t meet my standards. I didn’t settle just bcuz I was lonely. 6) The bottom line is that I THOUGHT LONG TERM, INSTEAD OF SHORT TERM. I focused on the long term gain. I craved alcohol and occasionally, weed, but I didn’t use them; I only did wholesome activities. Rock climbing, hiking, sports etc. A lot of my loser friends didn’t wanna keep up with my new wholesome lifestyle. Who cares? More time for WORK! Now I own a house, have $82,000 in the bank, and I’m sitting with my lovely wife watching football on our 70” 4K TV. Don’t kill your self- that lets your girlfriend (who should be your EX) win. Instead, LET HER FUEL YOU TO SUCCEED. Use her as motivation. Use all your haters as motivation
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    did you hear about the polish man that came home from work early one day to find his wife in bed with his best friend? he felt so distraught he held a gun up to his head. and when his wife couldn't stop giggling he told her, "don't laugh. you're next!"

    edit: yes he did, and made her delightedly happy.

    • Emanuel1 month agoReport

      What the **** lol, so he killed himself in front of her too?

  • 1 month ago

    No men aren't trash and women who are mean and shitty aren't relationship material. You can do better than her. She's not going to care what you do.... until you find someone better... then she will.

    Go for it.!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you are going to kill yourself over it then it has nothing to do with her and all to do with you. If you did that her life will go on while yours could have been. What you are going through is nothing that time cannot heal and it's not like she is the only woman. It was simply a relationship that did not work out, nothing to kill yourself over.

    I understand trust me I do, but it's nothing you cannot get over. It just has to roll around in your mind until your mind becomes immune to the situation. It's going to take those times of you thinking about what happend and how could she do you like this, it's going to keep playing out in your head till you have no more emotion to give it then you are over it but it takes time, just allow yourself that time, and do not try to avoid the pain but do not make it worse either by trying to figure out every painful detail of what happened or by still being in contact with her.

    If you ever were going to kill yourself do not let it be over some whore who will still be doing the same thing when you are dead.

    • Ana
      Lv 5
      1 month agoReport

      You should get even. Shame her publicly. Then do what the anonymous guy said, improve your life and become successful and then find a better girl

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