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What do you all think ? Love?

So basically this girl and her boyfriend moved in together.  She had a big birthday party/ welcome party for him since he moved in from California. The morning of his bday she served him a nice big breakfast then in the evening that's when they all celebrated the big surprise birthday / welcome party .now 5 months later her birthday comes and she said he wished her a happy birthday in the morning not even at 12am and for breakfast he just made oatmeal and fruits for her. n she was kinda upset but he mentioned that she's already having a big party the following week so he doesn't see the need to do too much. She's the one who planned the party for herself as well. Was he wrong ? She mentioned in Cali he was always excited to celebrate her bday but now that they've moved in together it's sorta different. What do you all think ?

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    I think that love has nothing to do with throwing a party. Some people throw parties, others do not. No evidence at all that people who LIKE TO THROW PARTIES and any more loving than people who roll over, kiss you on the forehead, and make oatmeal. This is seeking trouble, not evidence of there being any.

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    A person's personal feelings aren't "wrong"... it's just the way they are feeling about a situation.

    And not all guys are all romantic and not all guys toss birthday gifts at women's feet. In fact, most don't.

    You girls need to get a grip on this.

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