Is it scary and difficult growing up as a teenager in Sweden considering how strict Sweden is in regards to Cannabis (I will explain)?

This law is actually a very serious matter if you consider how peoples possession of cannabis can actually be used as a weapon against you and your family (I will set you two major scenarios below).

(Scenario 1) What happens when your at school or College and someone plants Cannabis in your pocket, thats if its not for themselves to get into trouble and the victim is blamed as the scapegoat, planted in their jacket as a prank and report you for a sick joke of a laugh, or as a form of revenge to get back on you because they did not get their own way in something you said no to, or even have hatred on you to purposely get you locked up off of the street


(Scenario 2) And... What happens when your at home and you end up be harrassed by having a crowd of youths on your doorstep causing anti-social behaviour where they can put drugs into your garden or chucks a half-smoked joint, or even burnt bits of resin dropped out of their joint into your garden through one of them lighting up a joint all the more that you tell them not to do it...

Update 2:

(Scenario 2) ...meaning that you are actually having to allow them do it incase they might start kicking your head on your doorstep because you told them off where someone walking the dog sniffing at the garden and calls the police to get you arrested and even your house searched by the Anti Narcotics Unit that you maybe using artificial light to grow a cannabis farm in your house, simply for reasons of yourself being a bullying victim by youths

Update 3:

I am particularly interested in how Sweden as a country protects its citizens from this potential social threat and how Swedes themselves safeguard from any of this happening to them, considering that you are not even allowed CBD oil in Sweden let alone Cannabis being used as a medicine, and I assume Sweden is another Dubai when it comes to Cannabis

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  • 1 month ago

    Does this stuff actually happen, or is it a fantasy of yours? It is not essential to smoke weed as a teenager, you know.

  • 1 month ago

    That question is the result of something you're on and you shouldn't ask for trouble you have plenty already.

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