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I am an extremely tomboyish girl, will I ever get a boyfriend?

Hey, I just got into college and I am 17. In high school, I used to be considered a gothbabe, I had long turquoise hair, and wore black clothing, a big friend of mine had a crush on me at the time. As time went on I decided to change my appearance because I never felt comfortable in a traditionally female aesthetic. I started having a typical boy haircut, wearing man fitting black clothes, my style being basically what is now considered the "skater boy" aesthetic/style. I had a boyfriend in junior year but I broke up with him because I simply lost interest and sadly didn't love him anymore. Throughout high school I made out with some people and all, but nothing serious. For the record, I am 5'10, have small breasts, short brown hair and brown eyes. My friends are mostly guys, due to my interests and all, but I just think I might never have a boyfriend again, because of my appearance. But I don't want to change the way I am just for the sake of getting a boyfriend. I am probably worrying over nothing, and I am just a dumb 17 yo. 

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    At 17, I dated up a storm, was a tomboy, refused to have an "official" boyfriend and wasn't going to be fooled into pretending I was in love or have sex ...even with the three guys I dated all the way through school. I didn't WANT to have sex until I was 19 and felt in charge of myself mentally and emotionally to the point I could really trust my choices and my ability to provide my own safety.

    I changed nothing about myself. All that happened is that, once I was willing to have a "real boyfriend"... I began to notice that there were available candidates for the position.

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    If you change for someone else, odds are, you're not going to end up happy. I put my gf's happiness ahead of my own, but her being happy makes me happy, and she never takes advantage of that.

  • Anonymous
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    no. but with your boyish butch looks you should easily find a girlfriend.

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