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Why do NFL teams trade away good players for Draft Picks when 9 out of 10 draft picks never live up to the hype?

Andrew Luck was the last overhyped pick I can think that had even a half way decent career, and he was barely able to play 3 full seasons

Why do teams love To trade away proven commodities for these unproven rookies?

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    Lets face it even the "good" players have a short career.If your tradeing a player on the tail end of their career your getting rid of a big salary and hopeing to develop an upand comer.The team takeing this player on more then likely is a contender looking to upgrade a few postions but does not want to take the time to develop a player.There are also players who are unhappy with their current team.Many cases it is better to get rid of this player for whatever you can get for him.

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    Because the draft picks are a lot cheaper than the good players they replace.

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    They don’t want to pay

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    Who are the "proven" commodities who were traded for unproven rookies?

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    Because they either will lose that guy and rather get something than nothing or they don't need that guy and rather invest in something they do need, or the guy is at the end of his career and they want to get something for him while they still can.

    and Andrew Luck wasn't over hyped, he was a great player whose career was killed by terrible management.

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    Because guys on a rookie contract have to work for cheap.

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