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Should I cut him out or talk to him more?

This might be long but I have had feelings for this guy for a little over a year now. He likes me back but won’t admit it it’s obvious though we go from talking to each other a lot to not really at all, it took him awhile but he started to talk to me about his problems and showed me his mood swings. I think of him a lot but him not admitting he likes me back is driving me crazy, his friend sent him naked photos told her to stop but would love it if I did that and he flirts with me when he’s drunk I obviously snap at him each time I can tell when he drinks now so he is a bit of a bad boy but he listens to me all I have to is tell him not to one time. If I cut him out of my life it will be hard I don’t really want to but if I talk to him I get more attached to him, what would you do? I did already brought it up once he said no but it’s so obvious. 

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    Second guessing his feelings and being sure you know them more than he does? None of that matters. What matters is that he doesn't WANT to develop a different relationship with you or he'd be working towards that. He's not. How he "feels" is of little matter in compared to what he "wants". Any chance he's going to do something else soon? Like go away to college or something? Where he's not wanting an attachment in the here and now?

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    4 weeks ago

    cut him out. .

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