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Future asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 month ago

Is the Army ignoring Trump's "stand down" order? They should. They ignored nearly everything else he told them to do so far...?

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    1 month ago
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    No they are not. Trump should not have ordered the withdrawal or allowed this.

    Trump's abandonment of Kurdish allies fighting ISIS has shocked members of the U.S. military and left it scrambling to protect American forces in Syria – and to look on as those they worked with side by side only a few days ago are now under attack as Turkey's military continues to step up assaults on the region.

    The Kurds formed the backbone of the counter-ISIS ground force, backed by the U.S.-led air war, that has retaken virtually all the land seized by Islamic State fighters since 2014. The Kurds have lost 11,000 troops in the fighting and have seen another 20,000 wounded. Their bloodshed and support has led to a kinship understood by many U.S. troops who view the U.S. withdrawal of support as a betrayal of a dedicated ally.

    Trump is allowing this genocide of the people who shed blood to defeat ISIS.

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    Future, you’re getting more and more desperate by the day. When did you become such a warmonger?

    • Future
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      moron, but that's what they pay you for Igor. Say hi to Ludmilla her borscht was very good.

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    what Trump didn't make that order.

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