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How do game wardens catch poachers who are hunting?

It seems like a hard job. How do they do it?

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    I know all the wardens in my area because I teach Hunter Education. Their job is not an easy job. They are

    out at all hours of the day and night looking and listening. As well as I know them they will not tell me where

    they will be looking. Trust no one is their motto. I would not want the job mostly because of the hours.

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    A lot of times they look for things that give away a poacher, like types of guns that are not legal for hunting or "deer lights" on trucks. Sometimes they steak out popular spots. Largely depends on local laws.

  • Robin
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    In South Africa poachers are shot on sight by game wardens. just watch any youtube hunting video and the local guy in green with a AK47 is the game warden

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    poachers leave loads of evidence

    of their activities  

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    They watch the roads going in and out of hunting areas. They put out game cameras. They are friends with taxydermists. They listen for gun shots. People report poachers.

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    Most poachers get away with it for a while.

    Game warden is no easy task, usually just a chance encounter spotting poachers with night vision or keeping a watch on traps.

    Most wardens have a lot of real estate they are in charge of.

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    they have very good optics and they know the lay of the land and whoes vehicle it is, Plus years of experience.

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    Some of the best wildlife cops - are reformed poachers.

    There are lots of tricks of the trade. Consider poached furs taken out of season and then sent to the tannery when the season is open. A first glance they look the same - except to the experienced eye you would notice the leather is thicker in summer animals and thinner in winter animals. In winter nutrients in the hide are used up to make better fur.

    My fav story. It was bull only season. One road going 100+ miles into where the caribou were and it was the only way out. Game wardens had a check point. A pair of hunters come through, the game officer looks, verifies the male 'unit' is there and off the two hunter go. Two hours later the game officer notices something not so right with the two guys she is dealing with. She has this feeling of Deja-vu. Instead of letting them go - she goes back to the caribou carcass and takes a closer look..... and the male 'unit' has been carefully sew on using dental floss! The men had shot a female caribou - instead of turning it in - they stashed it...… had the one male checked - they cut the unit off, swapped vehicles, clothing, etc. What caught the woman warden eye - one of the guys did not swap out his hat. It was unusual. Showing two polar bears mating and "Polar Lounge, Nome Alaska" written on the hat front patch. Had they come in, confessed - they would have gone to court and with no prior fish and game violations - gotten just a warning. They lost the truck, guns, everything in the truck, big fine and jail time.

    Most game cops - rely on input from legal hunters, hikers, campers etc that see something that doesn't seem right.

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    Watch Lone Star Law on the Animal Planet channel.

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    1 month ago

    I like it when the perp posts their "catch" on FB.

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