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what to do when your goal is so grandiose to cancel your motivation but you still want it?

I swear I have this extremely personal goal. It not just that it's to grandiose to stop me from doing it itself but not having it causes my to not do anything possible. I really want my own personal anime-ish book verse to be a thing but I think I planned my self to a point were I am stuck. the thing is I cannot put the genie back in tthe bottle and each wish has already been made. any advice on what I should do.

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    Follow through with best plans as is thanks.

    If peaceful pursue your goals with vigour.

    Revise plans occasionally and always have a

    plan B.


    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) General knowledge

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    1 month ago

    too and that goal ain't and why are goals any of your concern nad becus u don't have of your own? how do u even know about her goals she never spoke any of to you sheeple sillies.lost motivation never that silly peopel chose to copy and they also created lies of wat wasn't the case. yet still proceed to want to do the same things and she strmarted a whole ttenf and movement of that..ahahhaa hilariis.amd no she doesn't want to do that so get a life already why so concerned worry bout yourself.

    Source(s): sheeple fools didn't stop anything..that's what u silly had to create believe ...ahaha another lie. tryna limit someone esle cus they always limit themsleves then try to come with lies of beluve in yourself same fools naysaying others cus they naysayed themselves then tried to project like someone lost motivation of wat a fool said ahahaa not likely.
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    Ware magic slippers and click the heals together three times saying what your desire is and it will come true.

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