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I don't know what to do ! HELP?

i met a guy through fb 8 years ago , we talked nearly every day, he lives in another country , and we've never met in person,( we liked each other) but then i got in a relationship and we stopped talking but we stayed in contact , we texted each other from time to time but rarely, and just 5 months ago we started talking again and we are more close now than ever we talk every day .and call each other for hours . Like lovers and i think we've gone a little bit too far , and now he says he's addicted to me i was too honestly , but then i felt like it was too much for me , and it just put me on a lot of pressure , he sometimes complains about me not replying fast to his texts , even though we literally talk everyday , but i have things to do too , and i can't be free every time he wants to talk to me . We also talk too much  about sexual things , like every time we talk at night , sometimes im not in the mood for it but i just cant tell him that because even if i did he ll just ignore that and think only about himself.  i lost the excitement i had when i first started talking to him , and he himself said it , and i think about breaking up with him but i know it'll hurt him and he'll have so many questions because, i haven't said anything at all , but i just cant tell him the reason why , we were planning to meet this year tho and meeting each other's families. I dont know what to do ! I dont want to hurt his feelings and I'm not even sure about mine.

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    Not sure why you're all involved with someone you've never met in person and who lives in a different country from you.

    Really? You can't even know that you'd be attracted IN PERSON, because you haven't met. True attraction happens in person, not over the internet in fairy tale land.

    You're wasting your precious time. Totally.

    I'm sure he has options where he lives, too. You both do. Live life in reality!

    • Youss1 month agoReport

      I guess i was lonely, and now i prefer being lonely tbh

  • Brian
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    1 month ago

    A good rule of thumb is: when it doubt leave it out... and you seem to be in doubt.

    • Youss1 month agoReport

      Yeah true , thats why I've been having those thoughts tho, it doesn't feel real at all. Anyway thanks a lot :)

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