why does my internet connection slow down so much? Please read details below ?

In Delaware my LTE connection was always fast and reliable. After I moved to California my LTE connection was still fast and reliable until about after two months, then it got so bad that sometimes I couldn’t even get access to the internet. Though this doesn’t happen all the time but I never had this problem back in Delaware. Internet connection is weird over here. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad, my other internet connection (yes I have two) acts strange too. It has good connection but it keeps disconnecting. Why? 

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  • 1 month ago
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    There are way too many factors and variables to give you an accurate answer. It could be a phone problem, cell tower problem, if you've used up all of your monthly data (or reached the threshold on an "unlimited" plan), then your carrier will slow you down.

    If too many people in your area are using the same cell tower as you are, then everyone's connection will slow down.

    That's one of the reason's, I'm not really to fond of using a mobile data connection as the main source of Internet. The speeds and service are usually inconsistent compared to a dedicated ISP like Comcast or AT&T or whatever providers are available in your area.

    As you know, California is a very large state with widely varying levels of service, both for dedicated ISPs and cell carriers. In the house I live in my NorCal town of 66k people, I get around 2 bars of 4G with AT&T and usually get around 15 Mbps down on a good day. On average, it is less than 10 Mbps down. With Xfinity cable Internet, I get 220 Mbps down.

    • However, other people might have the exact opposite experience. Comcast is a horrible company that doesn't seem to care about its service in some areas so some people get faster speeds on their mobile data than with their dedicated connection.

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    1 month ago

    call your ISPs and make them do a speed test and connection check.

  • 1 month ago

    That's too bad because depending on your location, data speeds vary.

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