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Why can't I maintain my goal weight?

3 days ago I hit my goal weight of 145 pounds (I'm a 5'6" woman). So I switched my calorie tracker to "maintainance" mode, which allowed me to have 2,000 calories per day. I have still been doing 30 minute full body workouts and at least 30 minutes of walking daily, but when I stepped on the scale this morning my weight was at 147 pounds even before eating anything. Any advice? Is this normal? Thanks!

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    Body weight can vary 2 pounds easily by hydration and what's in your stomach and intestines .

    Additionally , the body develops what is similar to a thermostat . That thermostat will try to maintain what has been your constant weight . It can take months at your new weight for that thermostat to reset .

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    Yes, obsessing over the scale for no reason except sabotaging yourself is far too normal and why most people are big fat funks. Is there a reason you gained 2 pounds? Yes, god hates you. What can you do about it? Use it to give up and get fatter...

    ...or, take the 1 step forward, 2 pounds back and keep walking. In all reality, you said you started eating more again because the phone app with a 70% accuracy rate told you to and then you got fat. The lesson here is don't put all your faith in the phone.

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      No, the reason people are fat is usually due to an underlying problem that causes them to binge eat because they are depressed. Fortunately I don't have this problem and weighing out your food and entering it into an app is 100% more accurate than me guessing...gaining 2 pounds doesnt make me fat.

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    1. Your body weight fluctuates 1-3 lbs daily, don't worry.

    2. Maybe the 2000 calories is a little too much.

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    Short term changes in weight have nothing to do with gaining or losing fat. You could weigh same time every day and then compare running 7 day averages. Would be easy to do on a spreadsheet.

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    Remember to only weigh yourself once a week, and for women, take into account your normal changes.

    It could be an increase of muscle mass as well as water, and not true weight gain.

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