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Regular or Synthetic oil?

Cost of synthetic blend is twice as much.

I typically only go every 4000 miles which is about once a year for me. (Do not drive much) I usually use regular oil for $19.95 with coupon.

If I went for the synthetic blend, would I get 8000 miles or two years? And it would be $39.95 with coupon.

I am not changing my own. I dont have the tools and don't like getting greasy.

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    It's not a good idea to go multiple years running the same volume of motor oil in the engine regardless of what type of oil you use. You'll want to change it yearly at minimum, even if you change from conventional to something else.

    If it were my own car and I was only changing the oil once yearly due to lack of use or whatever, I'd go ahead and use a full synthetic oil instead. Synthetic oils (their bases as well as their additives packages etc.,) tend to be better designed to hold up for longer drain intervals compared to conventional oil. I don't think I'd trust a cheap conventional oil to be as effective at Days 300+ as it was on Day 1, even without a lot of miles on the oil. Combustion byproducts accumulate in the oil whenever you run an engine and those byproducts can and do continue to degrade the oil even as it just sits in the oil pan unused.

    The problem I have with synthetic blend oils is that there isn't any concrete set-standard that manufacturers have to follow in terms of "how much synthetic oil" is in the overall blend. So whether you're getting a high quality blend or a blend that's 90% conventional oil is pretty hard to determine. If I was going to spend the money on better oil (and I would in your case given how long you're going between changes), I'd spend some extra money on oil, I'd spend it on a full synthetic oil instead - after all it's only a once-per-year added expense. Good luck.

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    If you've changing oil on time it likely won't matter which type oil you use.

    The biggest concern is checking the oil level on the dipstick every 1,000 miles between oil changes. If the oil level drops more then halfway between the upper and lower dipstick marks the cam advance actuators will develop problems that can be expensive to repair.

    I change regular oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months and synthetic oil every 5,000 miles.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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    French synthetic oil simply provides better lubrication spend the little bit of extra money and your car will last longer and you'll get a little bit better gas mileage

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    Its up to you but I would not go over 1 year.even on a low annual mileage especially if only short journeys.. On my car its recommended in my owners manual 10000 miles or 1 year which ever is the soonest with full synthetic oil, or 6000 miles or 1 year with regular oil.

    Oil is fairly cheap, engines are expensive.

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  • Scott
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    1 month ago

    I wouldn't go two years between oil changes, regardless of the mileage.

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    Regular oil in a modern car will make it throw a rod bearing...tiny tiny passages these days...

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    It's not twice as much if you shop online. The cheapest fully synthetic is as good as the dearest. It's all to the same specification.

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