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During the Renaissance, State three ways painting in Northern Europe Renaissance is unique from the Italian Renaissance.?

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    For one thing the northern artists were the first to use oil painting, while the Italian artist painted using gesso or tempura. They later began to use oil painting however. The Italian artists were the first to use perspective. Later the Dutch and Flemish artists of the North adopted it also. Landscape is much more important to the northern artists. The Italians were more concerned with the human figures in a limited space. The northern artists used "continuous space".Italian artists used religion or mythology as themes for their art,and sometimes portraits. The. The Dutch extended the subject matter as seascapes, landscapes, and still lifes. The Dutch paintings were mostly intended to hang in people's houses and were mainly small and of a secular nature. The Italian paintings, mostly religious were intended for altars in churches, monasteries and convents. I hope that this has been some help to you.

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    You are asking for trouble with a question as such, you must understand you history, to ask and inquire about the history, espcially regarding those eras.

    Example, Italians heritage, do you know there blood mixture? NO?

    Then yeah, your work is cut out for you.

    I really want to elaborate, but biting ones tongue is a good thing at times.

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    1. Italian: Better food.

    2. Italian: Artists more likely to be involved in swashbuckling swordfights (e.g. Caravaggio).

    3. Northern: More boring clothes on the portrait subjects.

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    No Italians

    More Germans

    Colder paintings.

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