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When dealing with size and weight, is there a way to remember which is metric from non metric?

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    Metric is kilos, millimeters and meters. Non-metric is inches, feet, ounces and pounds. Done.

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    Sure. If the unit includes one of those Greek prefixes like mega, kilo, micro, nano, etc., then it's metric. Or if the basic unit is being used, there are only a few of those to remember: meters is length, grams is mass, Newtons is weight, in the metric system. (In the English system, inches are length, slugs are mass -- yes, slugs! -- and pounds are weight.)

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    The international system of units relies on very few base units (second, metre, kilogramme, ampere, mole, candela and kelvin) and few more derived ones (Watt, hectare, litre, Pascal, Newton, etc).

    Everything else is non metric.

  • Lujk
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    metric usually has measurements with a similar word in it (gram, kilogram, meter, centimeter, kilometer)

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