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Is it bad that this makes me self concsious?

I am a 56 year old woman and I am a single mom to twin 19 year old twin boys, via sperm donor. I am wealthy lawyer, with a well respected reputation in my community so raising my sons as a single mother was never an issue.

I am a very large woman at 6'8 320 pounds and my sons are 6'4 260 pounds all muscle. I have always been proud of my size, but at times feel self conscious. They were star football players in our town's football, team and they are now fighting mma. My sons were the biggest guys on the football team and the only heavy weights at our town's local mma gym. They are local celebrities due to their athleticism, and are refereed to as the "gargantuan twins".

The constant nicknames they get due to their large size makes me feel insecure, because I am taller and heavier than them, and it reminds me of how large I am. I should be feeling proud to have raised such tall strong and athletic sons, as a single mom. I also have a successful career and I am a very popular and respected person in our town. I should not feel self conscious, but internally It makes me insecure

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    Interesting story 😉 I like all the extra descriptive details.

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    Put more effort to be outstanding and have accomplishement.

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    i doubted you after wealthy lawyer

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