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My cat will only play fetch in one spot. How can I fix this? The problem is explained below.?

I have an adult cat and a kitten that is approximately 4 months and 3 weeks old. The cat isn t very playful, but the kitte is learning many tricks and games for play time and training. I taught him fetch, but instead of fetch, I say "I choose you!" The reasoning behund this is that my partner and I found a yarn pokeball at a festival and purchased it for five dollars. We practiced with the catnip mice and now have the mouse attached to the pookeball to associate it with the ball. The problem was, we always play fetch on the bed. He jumps up on the bed with the mouse and I throw it again after praise. Because the ball is so big, he trips on it while he tried to jump onto the bed and it often roll underneith it.

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  • 1 month ago

    Wow you're a control freak. You shouldn't have pets if this is something that bothers you. And Pokeballs? Really? You're still playing that pointless game with no end?

    I do hope you're gotten that kitten neutered?

    • Demeter1 month agoReport

      The kitten is neutered. It shouldn't matter whether I play a specific game or not. It is an adorable plush ball that he adores. We got it because we knew he would. I have a question about cat behavior. I shouldn't have to be questioned about my game preferences or my cat's health.

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