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Do I accept my circumstances or do I fake it until I make it?

I find it harder and harder to face the world because i'm not rich, in fact i'm poor. I don't have nice clothes, can't afford nice hair or nails, shoes. People stay away from me or snatched their purses when they pass me by. Many times i've seen couples walk down the street and the man switches the girl the opposite side away from me so I won't snatch their purses or what have you.

No i'm not dirty, my clothes are clean but I wear jeans, T shirt and sneakers with zip up sweater and purse.

I feel like the more insecure I am, the more I wear it on my demeanor and it makes them scared of me which I can't help. My confidence has plummeted and continues to plummet.

Then I tried to fake confidence to make it to the level of having confidence but it doesn't work. Wearing masks is hard long term.

I feel like love and acceptance needs to be given to level up but I don't have that.

I feel ashamed. I'm in a circumstance that I can't level up my finances and not for a long stint of time.

So how do I fix this? How do I feel better accepting my circumstances and feeling proud to feel like I fit into this society?

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    I think who you are inside is separate from who you are on the outside, ie, clothes, etc., what car you may drive and so on. And it's the inside that drives how people feel about you. You can meet rich asholes and poor wonderful people that you love immediately. I wouldn't worry about the exterior things. If you can separate those two ideas.

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    I have been poor my whole life.

    It did not affect me a bit.

    Just get a job your like.

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  • do not be ashamed of who you are, live your truth.

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    Live in your reality💙❤️🧡💛💜💚

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