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do selfish and evil people who don't care what they do to others ever truly pay for their crimes and feel the pain they caused others?

christians say if they look up at the sky and say sorry god all is forgiven, that seems like bull to me


Why is this an EPIC TROLL FAIL?? I make these q's anonymous at times b.c. there are multiple crazy people on yahoo who latch onto your q's, stalk you, and then put crappy answers. I'm not going to be stalked by bullies. It is a LEGITIMATE question after YEARS of suffering from PTSD.

Update 2:

As for the OTHER people somehow able to give GOOD answers that are thoughtful, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, appreciated.

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    EPIC TROLL FAIL... But I'll humor you anyway.

    1) Some do in life, and some don't.

    2) Scripture says that all souls eventually face the judgement of God after death. Whether that actually happens and results in reward or punishment cannot be verified, so go a head and believe whatever makes you happy.

    3) That is not how most people pray. Get a clue.

    4) Only a fool goes around insulting the religious beliefs of others. EPIC TROLL FAIL

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    Everyone eventually answers for their actions to God Almighty if not to the law because nothing get pass God all things are seen and heard and vengeance belongs to him and he will repay.

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    The answer to your question is Yes.

    It is of the mercies of God that we (sinners) are not consumed (of just recompense). Even as the Patriarch prayed to God (as a Friend) for mercy unto a few just people, that was granted for a time as Mercy, that those who were e.g. murdering babies might sense the error of their ways. After a time, judgment, which is the Truth in Love, occurred as the sinners did not repent, but continued to cause more suffering upon others.

    Howbeit, the first estate of man is true Lightness of Being, and as the passing-on soul personality encounters the Light that is Truth and the Truth that is Love, the judgment of awareness is fully given, Mercy as the Justice of the Law's knowing that God is not mocked, that whatsoever one does to one of the little ones of God is adjudicated fully, fairly, and finally. That's the fear of God--that impersonal Energy laws are balanced even to the last farthing.

    If at any time one soul personality turns and loves God, asks forgiveness, it is given freely; that is the law of forgiveness; once in Love and forgiven, one is then as saintly King David, who is lovingly given a parable of a little man and a little ewe, the latter taken by a bigger man with many ewes. Even so, God is not mocked, whether by philosophes or by God-denying existentialists.

    For a Child-like exposition, C. S. Lewis' "The Great Divorce" depicts what occurs for every soul on a daily and nightly, and more necessarily, on a post-passing basis. Realization, belief, and experience, particularly with lucidity and post-passing, offer the skeptic further opportunity to exercise her mindfulness. If she clings bitterly to her socialist atheism, the Light, depending on mitigating factors, simply intensifies into sacred fire, termed by some "fires of Hell," but in Reality the consequence of said soul's "resistance" to accepting the Light Energy of Truth in Love regarding the whys and wherefores of her denials of God and the Kingdom. There's plenty of rooms in the Consciousness of God's Being, many sheepfolds, yet, all share in the One Light of Truth and Love, therewith choosing Life, and the infinitude of immortal, eternal bliss therein.

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    Justice is an abstract notion. It does not exist in the natural world. It exists only within the human mind. The universe does not deal in abstract. Punishment can only ever come from other people.

    As for praying, one other way of looking at the notion of god forgiving you is as a free pass to do whatever you bloody fancy, stealing, murder, rape, anything, because so long as you ask for forgiveness and repent, all is swept under the rug.

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  • Just a side note:  Christians say you have to repent, which is a bit more than saying "I'm sorry".  That said, no, since crime is subjective, there is no objective response to committing one.  Retribution must be exacted by others, or by one's god(s), should they exist.

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    He will die without instruction and in the abundance of his error he will be led astray.

    Proverbs 5:23

    Jesus will not be betrayed! He is the resurrected One. No one can do this. forgive is to be of the truth.

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    Selfish people pay for their selfishness with loneliness.  God isn't necessary, selfish people punish themselves.

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