For Christmas I might buy an Xbox One X and a 4k TV for about $700 total. Do you think that's a waste of money?

I have a 1080p TV and an Xbox One S

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  • marty
    Lv 7
    1 month ago
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    If you want something it isn't a waste. You only live once, you may as well have the things that make living more fun.

  • 4 days ago

    You can try and see what deals they might have for BLACK FRIDAY 2019.

    Maybe you can get both cheaper.

  • Kyle
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    assuming you get a nice picture already, i would just keep the xbox and tv you have already. maybe get a ps4 instead and have both consoles. unless you're getting a huge TV, you really don't see much of a difference.

    or even just wait until next holiday, when xbox scarlett and ps5 will release.

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