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Am I responsible for a marriage break up?

My mom has a friend that she wanted to exchange email with so she convinced Betty to buy a computer. Mom wanted me to teach Betty how to us the computer so I agreed to do it. I went to Betty’s home for an hour on Saturday for several weeks. Betty’s husband was with us the whole time I was training Betty. Betty told me her husband John was very jealous of her and other men. When Betty briefly went to answer the phone, John asked me if I was “fooling around” with his wife. I told him he was with me the whole time I was there. I knew at that moment this was my last training session. I was not coming back to that house as I had no idea what John might do.

I did not hear from either one of them again for several months. Then my mom told me they were getting a divorce. Then I got an invitation to a “He’s gone, good riddance” party at Betty’s home. I decided to go. At the party, one of the guest told me I was the cause of the divorce. I asked her how that was possible. She explained that Betty used the computer to track what web sites John had been accessing and found he was on several web sites for finding women to date. He had also been posting stuff on porn sites. If she had not know how to use a computer they would still be married.

I told her I did not teach Betty to trace web sites from the computer. She must have learned by her self.

Am I responsible for their marriage break up?

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    If you had anything to do with her divorcing a man who was constantly cheating on her then good on you. She needed to find out who she was married to, as he chose to risk more than just their marriage. He risked her health too by having different sexual partners and not informing her of the risks he was taking.

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    You’re not responsible for their break up, you’re just responsible for teaching Betty how to use the computer. Her husband cheating is the cause of the break up.

    However, between you and me, Betty was probably cheating too. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have left so quickly and gleefully. She clearly was hiding someone else.

  • RP
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    1 month ago

    The notion you are responsible is nothing short of absurd.

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