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Why I am scared of Thunder and Lightning?

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    Totally natural, It's called a startle response. All mammals have it (marsupials incl.). Reptiles, amphibians, fish and others must have their own versions of it, but I didn't study those. (Dangerous things are often loud, fast, and big. Think falling branches and attacking aggressors. I guess notable exceptions are snakes.) It really is a matter of degree though. Flashing crashing lightning that hits the tree in your front yard (or even hits a tree in your block) is enough to scare (almost) anyone. Loud lightning in your vicinity (three miles?) should make you want to take cover, because aeons of evolution, or God, take your pick, developed us and most animals to avoid being the tallest object around when lightning is approaching. However, if even really distant lightning paralyzes you to where you can't get anything done, that might be a phobia. To sum up, being a little scared, is okay, it means you have respect for something big and powerful, e.g. fear/respect for; wood chippers, bears, backhoes, docking boats, fanbelts, pear burners and big banks.

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    The fear is normal, it's probably because thunder can be very loud, especially when you're outside, and for the lightning, you probably are afraid that the lightning is going to strike you.

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    Fear of thunder and lightning is normal, many people are afraid of the noise and light.

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    wrong forum. belongs in Mental Health

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