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Can you help me with English please?

Every single rep, meal, cardio session and supplement matters. This program is like a carefully designed system that has many different components to it; in order for it to work, everything needs to be done as I’ve prescribed it.

1. Components to it means components to the program. Right?

2. In order for it to work means in order for the program to work. Right?

3. I've prescribed it means I've prescribed the program. Right?

Just please I want to confirm. Thank you!

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    Correct on all three. You understand.

    Grammar: Comma after session. Period better than semicolon in this use.

    That's for who wrote it.

    1) Correct. Parts/components OF the program (rather than "to")

    2) Correct. The "it" refers to the program. If "is like a carefully designed system that" is removed, "This program has many different components to it." is still a complete sentence and clear about "it".

    3) Correct again.

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    They want you to follow every step of the programme as written down. If you do it all it's supposed to work. Sadly, people who write these 'instructions' don't appear to like to use plain English and will use words that sound important but blur the meaning.

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