Was I blackmailed or cursed into thinking that I am a monster?

Once upon a time someone told me that 'I am a monster'. Of course it was through the internet so I took it for unreliable, a year to now I think it was blackmail. In 3 years ago when he/she told me from now since he/she told me that I have been prone to FICTIONAL FAKE UNREAL violence (like within games). And have been stuck on them regretting something that I could't pinpoint for 365+365+24? days.

So I started to think these weren't just habits and it was a supernatural curse. Why would he/she do this. And do you really think it is a curse because all the evidence points for it to being a curse. Since, since then I am unable to learn anything and all I can do is not believe in myself. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    The phrase you're looking for is "severe mental illness". Get help.

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