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What the natal chart of this man suggests?

What this chart suggests about this man?

Based on aspects - what would he want to find mentally, physically and sexually?

What planets show - what he looks for in a woman and what attracts him? What is the prefference?

I show you chart

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    I've explained what happened on your previous question in the comment bit; sorry about that. I thought I'd deleted it.

    Venus shows his desires and his is in Pisces, conjunct his Moon which is in Aquarius though and could suggest he's emotional independent, especially as it's square to Uranus, which suggest he may be someone who finds it hard to settle down permanently with someone and maybe because of a lack of nurturing from his mother when he most needed it leading him possibly into learning how to look after himself early on in life and finds it hard to trust, or depend on someone now. His Venus in Pisces could lead him into being a very elusive type of person, especially with the Uranus influence on him. Venus is opposed by Jupiter which can lead him into selfishness and a need for more of what ever he's after.

    Mars shows how he goes about getting who/what he wants and his is in Virgo conjunct Jupiter. He could be a very enthusiastic type of person who tends to attract abundance and generally is able to get what he needs when necessary. His Mars in Virgo suggests he's attracted to the practical types of people and pays a great deal of attention to details concerning a partner.

    Romance is shown by his 5th house on Gemini, ruled by Mercury which is very strong as it's in a tight conjunction to the Sun, (gives an importance of learning, study, being able to communicate well and be understood by other people); but this doesn't necessarily mean he is this way, just that this could be very important for him. His Sun and Mercury are in Capricorn and could be very strong minded, calculating maybe and capable of scepticism perhaps. As for marriage or a long lasting partnership, his 7th house, (assuming he's not divorced, or had a previous long term partnership with someone), is on Cancer, ruled by the Moon which we've already looked at.

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