As in the past, I think I have a diabetic neropathy flare up - I tripped over one of my hounds and since then have a really painful burning?

sensation in my left hip area although unlike before not right down my leg or with any pins and needles. Just a lot of pain and an inability to get comfortable other than to be popping paracetamol and upping my Gabapentin which I'd got down to one a day. What else should I be doing .. all I can find is suggestions that my blood sugars should be put right which I'm currently having diabetic dietary sessions for.


@ Tavy. Probably BUT I have been x-rayed and arthritis in my spine was the diagnosis. I guess I'll just have to phone the GP, for what that's worth!! As you can tell, I don't have much faith in my local GP Practice. Which is why I asked this question - and keep popping the Paracetamol + Gabapentin + the other raft of drugs in my system.............................................

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  • Tavy
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    1 month ago
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    Don't you think it should be Xrayed? Perhaps it has nothing to do with your diabetes but down to arthritis?

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