can anyone help me with this audio error in my version of daum potplayer?

i still have an old version of the software potplayer, it's a really good media player....i've not updated it because i thought that the newest version won't have all the same cool features? as anything new on the internet and computers now always seems like a downgrade and not as good as the old version.

but on potplayer, i've done something to the settings, can't remember what, to make the sound when playing videos sound out of tune and distorted? and faster in tempo....and i do not know how to fix it?

whats the best way to fix it?

would this mean id have to uninstall potplayer, then reinstall it from scratch, which would give me the newest version of the software?

or i thought, could a system restore work? to revert my computer back to an earlier time before the software malfunction which i caused?

id appreciate any help on how to fix this audio problem/distortion in potplayer.....also i am using a windows 7 custom built pc.....many thanks.

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  • 1 month ago
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    You have a few options here, though it would help to know which version you have installed.

    Option 1:

    Open PotPlayer - Right click which opens menu - hover mouse over audio - in audio effects the only thing that should be selected is "Normalizer"

    Option 2:

    Open Potplayer - Right click - click preferences - you should see a reset button which should reset all the settings back to when first installed.

    Option 3:

    If you can tell me (leave comment) the version you have/want, then I can post the link to that older version.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Maybe if you'd used your ******* brain and told us what version you were using, we could be of help.

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