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Money problem ?

We both work ...don't have children together neither joint account ..... every body  kept their money to themselves ....we split the household bills in half , I pay my half regardless whether I worked a single day  previous month or not ... I always pay my half  wife seems to be very angry when I spend my money to myself she will make silly  comments , if she found a receipt I bought something she gets angry ....I never questioned where her money goes since she doesn't want to talk about our finance I have stayed away from the subject.....what you guys thinking 

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    .....what you guys thinking …. I am thinking this is a very strange situation.

    You are a married couple, a team who should be sharing things together.

    Instead you are living together like two 22 year old flat mates who split all the bills down the middle and whose finances are totally separate

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    "I never questioned where her money goes since she doesn't want to talk about our finance I have stayed away from the subject."

    Annnnnd there's the problem. Not wanting to talk about it shouldn't mean it never gets talked about. There are TONS of vitally important aspects of adult life that are stressful, not fun, or even depressing to talk about. Health insurance, medical issues, fixing the dishwasher, writing your will/end of life directives, etc. all suck to talk about for one reason or another. You still have to talk about them.

    Time to make a household budget. Every single household needs one, regardless of how many bank accounts you have or how many people contribute financially. This is super basic, easy mode stuff. Time to get a full picture of what money is coming in, what money is going out, and what your financial priorities are. This is something that should have been done the minute you started living together. Try an app like Mint if you need help tracking that money.

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    every body kept their money to themselves


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    This is what I know: marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman to start a family and raise children. You have no children. Are you intending to have children? I’m guessing not. It sounds like you have no money. What’s the deal here?

    If you’re not going to have children, then I would be advised simply terminating the marriage and getting on with your lives. You should be talking about finances every day as a married couple. It doesn’t matter that your money is not in a common account. You two as a married couple are essentially one entity in the eyes of the law.

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