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My Uncle have 544 credit score and Have a repo and have $12,000 to put down?

he need a liable car so he said he dont want a used car cause he needs it for work but i told him you can get a 2014 camry and they can last good years

but he want to see if he can use the $12,000 to put down on a 2019 camry or corolla to see if he can get a approved with 544 credit score with a repo still on report

he said he dont care about the high interest rates he said he can pay it

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Buy a 2020 Trollster 350 Limited edition.

    Source(s): Your previous question history from multiple accounts 👹
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    I doubt it. With a 2019 Camry averaging around $27k after taxes and fees, he's putting down less than 50%. Two years from now he will still owe about $13k on the car and the book value will be well under $20k. That is too much risk for most lenders to take. Most new car sales are not the 'buy here, pay here' dealers that don't care about poor credit and past repos.

    He's better off seeing if he can get a 2-3 year old car where most of the depreciation has already been taken. He can probably find a low-mileage Camry for $17k and now he's putting down well over 50%. Payments won't be bad, either.

  • 1 month ago

    At 544, the rate would be stupid high. But maybe, he can only try.

  • 1 month ago

    WOW. I can see why he has a 544 score.

    You should never buy a new car. You are correct, he should be a used camry

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  • Judy
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    1 month ago

    Won't happen. Let him give it a try and he'll find that out. Why do you care?

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    Do you have a question? That is what this site is for.

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