How long until college decision?

So basically applied to University of Pitt 2 weeks ago today. I got an email saying Pitt recieved my application about 3 days after applyiny. My SAT scores were received about 4 days ago. How long do you think until i’ll know? I’ve heard Pitt gets back to you in about 2 weeks or less but i’m getting nervous now...

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Go to your MyPitt account and check your application status. Make sure they have everything they need from you.

    You need to start counting from the day your MyPitt account says your application is -complete-. If they didn't have any SAT scores until four days ago, then your application wasn't complete until four days ago.

    Pitt claims it typically takes four to six weeks to review applications; but the "word on the street" is that most students hear between two and four weeks.

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