Loud bang under the car, is it just a rock?

Okay, so it was late at night I was driving back home, i ran into a very rocky road, something like a road under construction with no warning sign whatsoever, it was my usual way back home, when I drove right into it, i stopped because the road was a little too deep and literally looked like it was under construction. So I headed into it and when I stopped a loud bang occurred and I felt it inside the car as if someone hit a baseball bat or something. When I came to check no dents or whatsoever out the car. Could it be just a rock sliding through my tires and hit under my car? Thanks!

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  • Erik
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    1 month ago
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    You probably hit the bottom of your car against the road or a rock. The biggest thing to check is that there's no fluid leaking from the bottom of your car. So just look at the ground under it in the morning. When you're driving it around, does it feel weird, is it making any unusual noises? If not you're probably OK.

    • ruichie1 month agoReport

      No leaks, no weird noises when I move the wheels. I just parked it and will check tomorrow. But all is well, no weird lights on the panel either.

  • 1 month ago

    Might have been a rock or hard ground smacking the undercarriage (the interior body bottom). These things happen, especially if you have a low suspension (a sedan or whatever rather than pickup or SUV). I have actually felt the contact vibrations through my feet when that has happened. It might also have been a shock absorber if there was a major drop of the body when it happened. The difference is pretty obvious. A kicked-up stone is less likely to be really loud, in my experience. This stuff happens from time to time.

    I hate when the stone is kicked up by a vehicle in front and smacks my car, especially the windshield.

    • ruichie1 month agoReport

      Should I be worried? What should I check for around the car?

  • David
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    1 month ago

    It could have been the road construction worker you ran over.

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