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Should I get GTA V on PC or Xbox one?

I used to have it on release day for Xbox one...played it for a year or so and then life happened so I didn't get a chance to play it for a while. Wanted to go back, play through the story again, explore, maybe goof off a little online.

I have a solid PC and an Xbox one, which has a more active player population? Are there any serious known issues with either version?


My PC is definitely up to it. R9 390 graphics and a 5820k processor.

I just heard a while back that the PS4 had like 3x the population as PC. I wonder if Xbox one numbers were similar to the PS4 numbers though...

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  • 2 months ago

    I'd say Xbox One, unless you plan on dealing with hackers, modders, etc. on PC with the chance of having to trouble shoot everything.

    • Master Of Puppets
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      Interestingly enough, within the past few months, I've only come across a few modders on GTA Online. R* has really been cracking down on modders/cheaters.

  • 2 months ago

    PC for sure. Only if your PC is up to it though.

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