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Is this a police charge?

Basically there was a crime scene in my street and one of the police vehicles had an automatic number detection plate in it. I drove to the shop and on the way back the police told me that my mot ran out 2 days ago. That's part was fine. Then 2 officers came to my door saying that my car had no insurance.... I took my insurance policy out with Swinton and the first initial payment was paid to them. Then a payment came out my account from close finance brothers which I didn't recognize so I cancelled it.... but this was me cancelling my insurance... I genuinely thought I was still insured but when the officer called Swinton it turns out I wasn't. 

The officer took some details from me and wrote it in his notebook, he told me about the act that relates to having no insurance then the other thing they say but I didn't receive any paperwork from him or sign my statement. I'm confused... is this a charge or not?

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    Depends on where you are located, but I wouldn't be surprised to find your license is now suspended...or will be shortly.

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    Of course it's a charge. You were driving without insurance.  This only happened within the last few days. You'll get stuff in the post.

  • Tavy
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    Swinton is a Broker not an insurance company, I have used them.

    The police will report back and you will be charged with having no insurance and mot. You will get paperwork through the post, sorry to say.

    You are looking at a fine and points on your licence.


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    Probably not or you would have gotten a ticket. In any event, you need to buy insurance now.

    Tickets are usually for when you are driving without insurance. You were not driving.

    Now, they could cancel your registration because of it but that would not be a a charge or ticket.

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    In NC it would be reported to the state and your plates would be seized. Get new insurance NOW!. You're probably still in trouble, but not as bad. Of course, IDK what state you're in.

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