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is this healthy ? Normal?

Me and my girlfriend of a few weeks just had sex, we went 4 rounds, before I came I lasted in between 8-12 mins non stop each round... she even gave me head after we finish on our last round and I CAME as well, I came every round... but like with my past ex girlfriends I never went that far.. maybe 2 rounds most, which is what people get too ? My question is how did I had that much semen? And it’s that even healthy??? .... I mean at times I masterbate and I *** once’s... and then if I do masterbate again no semen comes out, but when I had sex with her, I pulled out each time and there is was loads of semen everytime I finished .. was it because I was soo turned on??

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  • Josie
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, it is healty = it may not be normal for most guys.

    Contrary to what has been said elsewhere = semen is

    produced on demand in the prostate so if you are turned on

    enough 5 rounds is possible to c um several times in a row,

    if your refractory limit does not kick in..

    You will have reduced sperm in the later ejaculations.

  • Sky
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    4 weeks ago

    I call bullshit. It's hard enough for a guy to keep it going for a second orgasm, but 4 of them? You should have stuck with 2 because it would have been more believable. The guy's body can't regenerate semen that quickly. Your third would be little more than a pelvic dry heave, and the fourth would be shooting dust. Even if you were able to reach 3 or 4 orgasms, yes that would be perfectly healthy (or at least nothing unhealthy about it), and the same goes for if you were actually able to ejaculate something. Again....bullshit.

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