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How to help my dog?

My 11 year old female dog started becoming incontinent.  She started about 3 weeks ago by urinating on my bed.  I am a former nurse aide and know about incontinence.  I placed her in doggy diapers at night only.  She will not go while awake.  During the day she's fine.  Normal bathroom schedule.  She's eating, drinking normal also.  At night she starts wandering as an Alzheimer's patient does and is confused.  Tonight, she had a #2 accident in her diaper and a #1 also.  

I'm concerned it's dementia.  I love her dearly and it's breaking my heart to see her like this.  She's the smartest I've ever owned.  

When we moved 5 years ago she went around gathering her "buried" bones in the house.  She remembered exactly where all of them were hidden.  

How do I help her?


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    You seek medical advice. It maybe her incontinence is caused  by a easily treated medical condition.  Is she spayed as older spayed dog can develope spaying incontinence which is easily treated with medication. You need to make a vet appointment and get her a check up. Take a fresh urine sample from her so the vet can do a basic dip test. Older dogs are like humans prone to age related health issues like hearing and sight issues,  arthritis   etc so need extra care . They can sometimes become abit  confused it's just part of getting old I'm afraid.  As owners all we can do is make sure what time we have left together we make the most of and  love them.

  • 1 month ago

    I think you are doing good in your care for her. What you are already doing is the things I would suggest you do.

    How does she get up & down from your bed?

    What size/breed is she?

    Is getting up & down hard for her? (her size)

    Make her a bed on your bed that you can put plastic pad under her bed so urine won't go through to your bed. I think it may come to medication helping control the loss of urine.

    Get online & research everything you can find about dogs losing control of their bladders. Call your Vet tomorrow & get an appointment to get her in to see the Vet. Get her as much help as you can.

    There are medications that help with the incontinence

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    You help the dog by GOING to the vet (first) before making assumptions. You DO NOT KNOW...if she has a UTI, and/or crystals in her urine or severe urinary tract pain from kidney or bladder stones. You also do not know if spinal arthritis or a herniated disc is a factor, making stools (or feeling when they need to come out) -more problematic.

    The diapers are a good step (for now) & covering your bed with a water proof cover or pad is essential. I would NOT allow her to keep getting up on the bed if ANY jumping is involved - either getting up or getting down. Jumping off & on the number one cause of spinal injuries in dogs.

    Even if she has cognitive decline; there are some veterinary drugs to help with that, or slow it down. In addition (holistically speaking) my vet recommended making a soup from bones with marrow. The content of fresh marrow with steamed leafy veggies added (like kale, spinach, collards or mustard greens) can actually be helpful, for memory loss, as well - in dogs.

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    Have a vet take a look. There are many possible causes.

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    Before you reduce her to having to wear diapers, why not confirm that this isn't a simple UTI? The vet will also have other medicine to help with age-related incontinence, if it proves that this is that, and not a UTI. Personally I'd not want any old girl of mine to have to wear a diaper.

    For a dog who has been clean throughout their life, being reduced to this will be very unkind.

    ps You may have to either cover your bed with something 'waterproof', or stop having her up there - which probably wouldn't be something she'd want, but if she is getting elderly, may well be best to prevent her injurying herself getting on and off a bed.

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    1 month ago

    How about getting her checked over at the vets?

    She may have a UTI or just an age related weakened bladder.

    A vet can suggest the best treatment if its needed and give you advice.

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