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What's the file to chose?

I'm trying to recover the Windows 7, it appeared a window saying that there's no image found. They say to chose a image in the system. Which to use?

2-What can we do with those windows opening in the restore? C, downloads etc.

Can i copy it?

3-Can i open photos from the CMD prompt?

4-What's the Windows 7 link in the Microsoft site?

5-To a newcomputer do we need to make an image of the Windows 10? Can i put in other computers? After installed is it possible to pick up the Windows and put in a USB? What's the size?


No Windows Dvd or Cd.

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    Put in the Windows DVD or CD and boot to it. It should give you the option to restore or reinstall. To boot to the DVD or CD set that up in the BIOS.

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