Can social services reduce your food stamps if they dont see you spending full amount monthly?

I usually get 203/mo for food stamps but sometimes when i don't buy a-lot of food it rolls over to the next month and now i have $400 but definitely already spent it. Can social services reduce the amount of food stamps they give you if you don't spend all of it in one month? I know that they can deactivate if you haven't used it in one year but this is different.

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    Yes. Your food stamps will rollover from month to month, but not forever. I was in the hospital and rehab for several months and my son was not using his food stamps much and he got cut off when his balance exceeded $500.00. We were told he could reapply when he used them up.

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    i thought 192 was the highest for 1 person and that is mostly for people with no income. any income is supposed to reduce the amount. i would hope it is a red flag that you are committing fraud and they would investigate. i don't think rolling over a small amount occasionally and using it the next month is an issue, but when you end up with double the amount that is a red flag for fraud.

    It indicates you did not report all household income and are sharing food with other household members that are providing food.

    they won't just deactivate it.

    its one thing if you are in the hospital and provided food there, or someone had a party and gave you all the left overs to freeze one month...but not using food stamps to that point indicates someone else is paying for your food.

    i would think if you will be hospitalized for an extended period, you should tell them.

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    I am surprise you are not with less. A 30% decrease on them was done around 8 years ago! 

    Have you prayed to GOD about this? 

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    1 month ago

    No. If you do not use your benefits for a while they may contact you to see what is up, but they are not reduced or returned. You have 365 days to use them, if not, your case will be closed and you cannot get them back.

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  • 1 month ago

    No, you are mandated by law on how much you receive based on income. Not if you spend it all. They will contact you if you do not use it all all. Not if you don't spend it.

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    I don't think so, but Trump who knows.

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