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Amazon Shipping Question?

I'm staying at a friend's place and watching their house while she's on vacation for a few days. I was just wondering if I were to secretly order something on my Amazon account and have it shipped to her house, could she find out about it somehow? I was offhandedly told she has some control over the mail she recieves, so that left me wondering.

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  • She wouldn't find out unless she has security cameras on her front door, or unless you told her about it. I wouldn't know how she would have control over the mail, unless some one calls her when she receives any mail.

    If you're concerned about that then wait until you can go home and order it, or have it delivered when you're at your home.

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    1 month ago

    Many places will only send stuff to the address on the credit card. So it probably would not work.

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    Mail and a delivery aren't the same thing. Legally I believe you can have anything delivered to an address as long as it's not already deemed "undeliverable". She may have security cameras or a neighbor that let's her know, but nothing along the lines of an official notification

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    No she won’t find out. Even if she did, who cares. You needed something and since you’re not as your place, what did she expect you to do. Wait until she comes back.

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