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How do I help my mom's weird ocd problem?

Every night she checks the knobs on the gas stove. It's ok to check the stove but she counts the knobs like "1 2 3 4 5" and keeps repeating it for like's really scary and sounds like she's possessed or something. I need to get her to snap out of it...please help!

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    You have to learn to accept odd behavior as just the way the person is. In your case, it should be easy to adjust, since the problem seems to be minor.  Just count the knobs first to be sure they are all there so that when she counts them you will know that she is right and you won't have to argue with her.  And, don't get clever and hide the knobs.  Agitating your odd loved ones is never a good thing to do.

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    Start by learning to cope with YOUR OCD, which happens to be worse than hers.

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    4 weeks ago

    How about your weird problem of asking this in Home & Garden Maintenance?

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    You can't. OCD is not a condition that you can help someone get over. I live with a person who has OCD and it nearly drove me crazy when we first got together. He had to have THREE of each photo, collected keys, ball point pens (three of each kind), had pockets full of nuts, bolts, rubber bands etc he would find on the ground. He must go to bed at exactly the same time and get up the same. Over the years I have gained his trust so that the pens, keys, etc are gone and he no longer brings them in. I learned to live with it and it isn't easy. Your mom can't help it, it is such a crippling disorder. Talk to a counselor to find out as much as you can about OCD and what kind of therapy she can receive, IF she will go. You must find a way to cope. Good luck.

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    4 weeks ago

    Just because it irritates you doesn't mean you have the right to interfere. No harm results so mind your own business.

  • I'd talk to a guidance counselor at school, a teacher or a nurse, an adult you trust who won't betray you.

    She has a serious problem and I doubt you are old enough to act by yourself. If you act by yourself you could be putting yourself in danger because it sounds like she has no control over her behavior.

    If you can't do this just be a mole and accept it until you can change it.

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