I am a highschool athlete. My main focus is on wrestling, but I do mid-long distance in track.?

I run an average 2:19 800m and 5:10 1600m. I am enlisting into the Marines after highschool, with an end goal of Marine Raiders. In order to do that, (after the 3 year experience gap) I have to max out the pt test. This requires (these are estimates, as I am not sure of the exact amounts) 21-23 pull ups, - chin above the bar, no kipping - 120 situps in 2 minutes and a 3 mile run in 18 mins or less. I am pretty confident in my pullups and sit ups, but could really use some help/workout ideas for the run. I am a senior in high school. Also any tips regarding workouts in general or Marines would be appreciated. Thanks, and sorry for the long question!

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    the only way to get better at running, is to run more

    so you need to start a running program where the goal is to run 5 miles daily

    after you reach the 5 miles daily, then you can work on the speed you run it

    you do that by interval running

    IE: run a 1/4 miles normally, then sprint( 80% of max ) the next 100 meters, resume normal running for 1/4 mile, then sprint( 80% max ) 100 meters, then resume normal running for 1/4 mile, and repeat for the entire 5 miles The distances don't have to be exact, you can just pick a spot ahead of you to sprint to.

    do the interval running about 2 days per week.. and slowly increase the distance your sprinting vs normal running.

    • Hunter4 weeks agoReport

      Hey thanks for answering. I will try this out. Thanks!

  • 4 weeks ago

    If your stated numbers are accurate, you ALREADY run a mile in less than 6 minutes. That is the required pace.

    3 miles in 18 minutes = 10 mph.

    1600 meters in 5:10 = just over 11.5 mph

    • STEVEN F
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      No, it IS NOT much different. You just need to develop endurance.

  • 4 weeks ago

    How does one get good at anything? Practice, Practice Practice.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Good for you, but you aren't asking a question.

    • Hunter4 weeks agoReport

      I probably should have posted it at the top, but near the bottom I ask for help in accomplishing a 18 min 3 mile and tips regarding workouts or Marines in general. Sorry for bad organization. Thanks!

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