What is mlm future?

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  • 1 month ago

    MLM is Multi Level Marketing.

    It is one step below a pyramid scheme.

    This means you pay money to become part of a business network.

    It works like this: You go to an exclusive meeting and they show you the products. Then they bring out people who are ‘successful’ at it. Then they will show you the exclusive charts and documents that PROVE how much money you can make. They then ask you to sign a contract and buy between $1,000.00 and $5,000.00 of their products so you can have a ‘SHOW’ in your home and sell the products and recruit your friends.

    What actually happens is this:

    You buy the products from your ‘sponsor’, who helps you set up a show. This person will be VERY FRIENDLY and helpful. You will really like this person and they will become your ‘friend’. You invite people over and you sell them the products and then your sponsor will give the presentation and sign up a few of your friends.

    You make money from this, and you give it to your sponsor for more products. And you get them.

    After a couple more shows…everyone that you know is either selling the product, buying it from you or not interested. So, you are not making as many sales. Your sponsor will say something like this, “We are in this together, we are family…and I cannot believe that you are letting us down like this. Have you tried to recruit from your church group and extended family? Have you tried knocking on doors.? Don’t you have other friends?

    If you say ‘My other friends, family, neighbors are not interested.” Then your Sponsor will say : “Then they are not very good friends, you should find people who will support your business” or “If your family won’t support you, then they are not acting like family and you need to find people more supportive of your business.”

    Before you are done you will have a room full of ‘stuff to sell’, and empty bank account, and your friends and folks at your church and work will avoid you.

    You will be lucky if you are not bankrupt. Look up the statement: Lularoe and Multi Level Marketing’ and READ everything that comes up.

    Do not do MLM.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    mlms are pyramid schemes. ALL should be avoided. All say they are not scams, they all lie.

  • 1 month ago

    What is mlm businesd

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