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Native English speakers: The difference between (a) How did the job interview go? and (b) How was the job interview?

Native English speakers:

Do you feel any difference between these two? How would you answer each question if your friend asks it after you had a job interview?

(a) How did the job interview go?

(b) How was the job interview?

Thank you. I'd appreciate your feedback.

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    the first one is asking if you think you did well in the interview or not and the second one is asking what it was like in the job interview.

  • 1 month ago

    To me at least it's pretty much the same thing. I guess the only difference is that (to me) the first one seems a little more professional. Like the first one is asking how did it go from a strictly factual standpoint (like what happened and what was said) and the second feels more personal (like how I felt about the interview, did I think it went well)

  • Ramona
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    1 month ago

    Either one is fine. There is no real difference, it's just a matter of how it comes out of your mouth.

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