How can I trade with Ghana in confidence and safety?

I'm from the UK but I'm currently living in China. I have been approached by a supposed importer in Ghana, who wants to import goods from China. He seems to be open on what goods they are but so far has suggested laptops and other computers.

How would such business be conducted? How can the risks be mitigated or reduced? Is it normal for someone supplying batches or expensive goods to have to purchase the goods first and then hope that when the goods arrive in Ghana, they will actually get paid?

Certainly, when I have looked at buying goods via the Alibaba site, manufacturers want a large part of the overall cost of the deal to be paid before they will start manufacturing. Is it therefore a common practice when exporting to another country receive payments in advance of shipping (or even in advance of manufacturing)? Would those payments generally be by bank-to-bank transfer?

As you will realise, I am trying to reduce my risk and financial outlay and also ensure I do not get scammed.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    There is a company called INTERCONTINENTAL DEVELOPMENT. They are based in Maryland...just outside Wash.DC. If they are still in business then they WILL have business experts on Ghana

  • 1 month ago

    To ensure you don't get scammed, stop talking to this person, Ghana is the cesspit next to Nigeria.

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