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Threesome STD Risk?

If two males and one female have a threesome, and one male has syphilis, but neither male interacts with one another, could the clean male still contract the syphilis?

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  • Sky
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    Yes. The infected man can give it to the woman, who can then transmit it to the [formerly] uninfected man. That's how STDs spread, and that's why it's so important that people who want to engage in unprotected sex all go get an STD screening at a clinic or with their doctor's office. If the results show they are all clean and free of disease then they can have all the unprotected hot sloppy they want without risk of STDs because disease doesn't just appear out of thin air (contraception would still be a concern). And if the results show someone has something then they can plan accordingly with proper protection.

  • Lôn
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    1 month ago

    Yes, of course....that's how it is spread..

    A gives it to B and B gives it to C.... A and C don't even have to meet.

  • You would have to have oral sex or intercourse with the infected person. You're not likely to get any thing if you don't have sex with the person that has syphilis. Condoms should still be used if some one is concerned about getting an std, or getting the female pregnant if she's not on birth control.

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