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Why does my bunny keeps losing it's balance?

My bunny is stumbling a lot recently. She can run around just fine, jumps fine, eats well, and is willing to drink water also. Her head isn't tilted and is very social. Is she just clumsy or is there some kind of sickness? She acts like shes dizzy and I don't know why.

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    If the head isn't tilted it means your rabbit doesn't have the tilted head, it means it doesn't have wry neck disease which is a good sign. Usually when bunnies stumble a lot or act dizzy, they also have a tiled head. This is a sign of wry neck and in this case you should take the bunny to a vet. But since your bunny is eating well and doesn't have a tilted head, it could just be clumsy. Bunnies are a bit clumsy sometimes but if you are really worried it doesn't hurt to go to a vet.

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      Thanks for giving a helpful answer, unlike Hannah.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Could be a health problem.. only way to find out, is a vet.

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      Hannah, all you're doing is stating the obvious, love.

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