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My parents want me to stay homeschooling?

So. In 7th grade I was in public school. I begged to go online since I was being very minorly picked on. I switched and now I'm in 9th grade. For the last year I felt lonely and no one was there for me. I sometimes procrastinate and I miss having a real teacher, I have a ton of questions and they can't be answered. (Takes a while for a response). I asked to go back and they said it was my choice (last year). I said I'm going to public school then they spent weeks telling me to do otherwise. I decided to stay online since I though it was best. But it's not. I can't seem to grasp the material well and I'm really lonely. My parents are worried about bullying and guns, HELP.

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    The grass is always greener. I suggest you go read all the posts by high school students on Yahoo about how awful school is. how the hate even waking up in the morning, etc (yet, they aren't even smart enough to try online schooling like you). Perhaps stay with online schooling but get involved with clubs are your "public school" - my understanding is that you are allowed to do this (or play sports or whatever) but check it out.

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