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Need your help about a car dealer?

I bought a used car two weeks ago in another state and the lady that did the paperwork said she'll contact me in two weeks to have paperwork for me to apply for my own tag for my used car I just bought. Two weeks later I called last Wednesday and she said she will send me the info that day. Didn't hear back so I contact her Friday she said she wss busy and will finish it right now. Still no word and my temp tag doesn't expire until November 10th so do I need to worry or wait until it's closer for my temp tag to expire? Is she stalling?

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  • Edna
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    4 weeks ago
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    When you buy a car (used or new) from an authorized dealership, the dealer takes care of all the paperwork necessary to register the car (get tags) and transfer Title to you. YOU don't usually have to do anything - the dealer takes care of it for you. You usually receive proof of registration in the mail within 30 days. When you bought the car from a dealer, the sales price probably included "Tax, Title, and License"' "Tax" = sales tax and registration fee; "Title = transferring Title into your name; "License" = getting tags and registering the vehicle..

    If you bought the car from a private individual and she provided you with a signed-off Title at that time; then it's up to you to register the car and transfer Title into your name. A private seller isn't obligated to do it for you. All she had to do was provide you with a clean Title that she had signed over to you and a Bill of Sale. The rest is up to you..

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Talk to the general manager, that will ensure she gets it together.

  • May
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    4 weeks ago

    How in the world would we know if the lady is stalling?

    I would visit the dealership in person and speak with the lady's boss.

    • Edna
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      4 weeks agoReport

      If he bought the car from a dealership, the dealer has no reason to "stall". If he bought it from a private individual, it could be a different story - that individual could be "stalling". Maybe she doesn't have a clear Title to the vehicle & couldn't legally "sell" it to him in the first place..

  • 1 month ago

    Why are they doing this ? Once you buy a car, it's YOUR job to get it registered in your home state.

    Talk to your local DMV. Did that user car shop provide you with a title at the time of sale ? If not, why would you ever have given them one dollar until they had such a clear title to give you ?

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  • mokrie
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    1 month ago

    Sound like she's stalling. Call up and ask to speak to a supervisor. I find that when I was given a run around AFTER speaking with a supervisor that threatening to run an ad in their local papers that they are not a good company and not to trust them will get fast action. From now on, never leave until you have ALL the paperwork in your hand and check it yourself to be sure it is all correct. Once they get the money they forget you.

  • 1 month ago

    Call and speak to manager. They have to do what they say.

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