Can you please tell me anything and everything possible about the Yurikamome Line in Tokyo?

My dad and I are thinking about going to Japan (and South Korea too, as we plan on visiting Seoul as well) next year, and since I've honestly been obsessed with the country for years, one particular thing I've been obsessed with doing is going on the Yurikamome Line in Tokyo. I know that seems odd, but I starting watching videos about it way back in 2012, when I was 12 years old (I'm 19 now), and it has always seemed so futuristic to me. My dad is considering visiting a travel agent soon and he wanted me to compile a list of everything I want to see in Japan and South Korea, and since this is honestly pretty high up there, I sort of would like more information because it's something that I'll admit that, while I find it beautiful in all honesty, I don't know quite as much about from research as other things I'd like to see (referring to fare costs and the overall experience of being on the monorail). Any info would be appreciated!

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